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Railway (The) (Back Street near centre, Blandford Forum)
Large traditional pub which is very sports focused. Good screens and coverage for sport watching and good playing facilities esp. an external skittles room (aka Platform 2) and the chance to get arrested playing Shovelboard. Meeting place for local teams e.g. Blandford United, and family friendly.
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Back Street near centre
Blandford Forum
Premier (The) (Stratton St Margaret, Swindon)
This is a sports and social centre near Swindon that was called Crosslinks. It was developed in 1988 and so has lots of plush features whilst retaining the working mens prices for drink. If you fancy squash, football, basketball, or a quick 1/2 hour in the gym, this place will be a good choice. With new management wanting to impress, it may be a good alternaitve choice for the real sports fan.
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Stratton St Margaret
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