Licencee Comments

"After our website went live in March we got massive hits - and very large number came directly from Sportspubs.co.uk." - Jane White, Marketing, Sports Cafe

"For the Super Bowl, someone actually logged into you from USA as they were in London for the week-end, called me and has booked 10 tix for Sunday!!! World wide fame from Sportspubs.co.uk!!!!! Have very few seats now left." - Steve, The George, Oxford Circus

"Thanks to your website I have gained a party of Glaswegians this weekend to watch the Glasgow derby." - D Willans, South Bank Bar, Nottingham 

Recent Press Coverage

"You may feel that a poky, smoke-filled dungeon might suffice for your World Cup viewing, but there are far better places in which to nurse your dawn pint. And thankfully, this exhaustive site has all the answers. It’s a bit London-centric, but most of Britain is well covered and having sampled a few of the hostelries on offer, we can confirm the man in charge has done his homework." - FHM

"The website www.sportspubs.co.uk is proving a big hit with football fans looking to track down the best venues to watch games on TV. This week the site comes into its own for oval-ball followers – and as well as including the choice picks for England supporters, there’s a selection of places following the non-English matches.” - TIME OUT

"[Sportspubs] has come up with the answer to the biggest headache of them all- which pub to watch the games in. Marketing manager Rob Millar 32…got so fed up with wandering around London looking for decent pubs that [he] launched a website listing them." - EVENING STANDARD

"Very useful site helping you to find pubs that will be open for the World Cup." - DAILY MIRROR

"Keen to catch a game in a pub but don’t know where to go? Log onto sportspubs.co.uk and select the game you want to watch…" - GUARDIAN

"www.sportspubs.co.uk tells visitors which boozers in London are screening which games. Boss Robert, 32, said: “If someone would rather see Croatia's or Senegal's matches than England's, the site tells them where they can go.“" - SUNDAY PEOPLE

"…sportspubs.co.uk is a new site to guide you to the best drinking venues for watching football…[It] covers the city fairly and comprehensively." - WHEN SATURDAY COMES

Trade Press Coverage and Other Media

"Sportspubs.co.uk aims to provide fans with the ultimate guide to what matches are shown where, as well as rating a pub from a drinker’s point of view." - THE PUBLICAN

"One success story is Sportspubs.co.uk, whose London based site holds information on pubs showing live sports and is searchable by area or by closest tube. This has been so popular that they are planning to extend the service." - PREVIEW MAGAZINE

"Need to find the nearest pub with a TV so you can watch the game? Sportspubs’ ‘Great escape’ not only finds your local pub, it even gives you directions on how to get there. There’s even pub opening times, games coverage, bar promotions and competitions. (Available through T-sports on your WAP phone.) - T-MOBILE CATALOGUE

"One business that sees the World Cup as a possible springboard to success is www.sportspubs.co.uk. It collates information about what events are being shown in pubs. During the tournament, it will provide national lists of pubs opening for each game. Marketing manager Rob Millar hopes the fledgling website will earn its spurs in the next few weeks. ”There's a lot of opportunities in the future, especially with 3G mobile phones, for people to find out instantly which pubs near them are showing a particular game," he says.”" - BBC2 WORKING LUNCH

"Being stuck for a place to watch Sven-Goran Eriksson's army take the field or to see the latest one-day test can be frustrating, especially with the emergence of pay-per-view television. Aimed at Londoners, this ingenious site allows you to search the capital's pubs for venues to watch televised sports. Pubs are ranked in terms of atmosphere, price of beer and screen visibility. During major international events, the site also has a section dedicated to identifying the best pubs to go to if you support specific countries." - COMPUTER ACTIVE WEEKLY (Site of the Fortnight)

"Your service is an excellent one for our readers and I want to carry on pushing it for next season. We will give it an extra nudge before the campaign gets underway." - PLANET FOOTBALL WEBSITE

Partner Testimonials

"Just a quick note to say thanks to Sportspubs.co.uk for its support over the year. Personally I think that Sportspubs.co.uk gives honest reviews to all bars. More specifically the website is user friendly - especially in the London region. Listing bars by nearest tube station is ideal as locals & visitors alike tend to use tube stations as landmarks.
A big plus point being affiliated with Sportspubs is that these days a high majority of the population tend to use internet as a source of information when visiting our venue. Although we cannot ask all who enter to give you a proper indication of numbers, we saw a fantastic response over the World Cup 2002 period. PS. Must admit having used it myself when not at The Sports Cafe!" - Jane White, Corporate Events Manager, SPORTS CAFE

"I’d like to thank Sportspubs.co.uk for its support over the past 18 months of business. As an independent pub owner starting our first venture it has been very difficult to find people to work, support and develop business. Our review on the Sportspubs.co.uk website has brought in numerous extra customers and contacts which has grown our business to date. Also Sportspubs’ flexible approach to the flyer pop up beer tokens for the rugby internationals has given us ideas to use the web to increase sales. I would like to do something similar this year’s rugby internationals." - Paul White, Landlord, LARK IN THE PARK

"I first heard of sportspubs.co.uk two years ago, when 40 Leeds fans started coming to the bar for Champions League games, as few bars were showing their team. They came to every Leeds game in the Champions League that year. All this business was a direct result of Sportspubs.co.uk. 
Moreover, Sportspubs was an immense help during this years World Cup. I got calls from as far away as Newcastle, from England fans visiting London at the weekend and searching for a good bar to watch the game. We also served many foreign nationals that had been searching for pubs close to their work for the early games. One additional spin off was the amount of media interest we have gained from agencies such as Time Out, Evening Standard, The Sun, The Mirror, Channel 4, Japanese TV, French TV, Talk Sport Radio. They all found us via their web site." - Ceri, Landlord, EXTRA TIME

Email Testimonials

"I really think the web site's excellent! I'm travelling into Liverpool Street with luggage at 11am tomorrow and would have searched the streets wearily in search of a pub to watch the Leeds game at noon but now I know I just have to nip round the corner to the Railway!" – Jacqueline McEwan

"I actually use your site when looking for which pubs are showing which matches so my boss can meet friends/entertain clients. I have used it on a number of occasions in the past for addresses/phone numbers though and it does save ringing every pub in the area." – Linda York

"I'm coming to London from New York for several days and I found your remarkable site, what a great idea! Thanks for your great stuff online." – Bill

"I have been looking at your website and found it very interesting and informative." – Sudhita T

"Can I just say that this is an excellent site - lifesaver, to me really, and I only wish I'd known about it before the World Cup." – Masumi Endo

"What a brilliant site you have!" – Guy Jackson

"Your site was v useful for the world cup and I'm sure it will be used by me and my mates before long for the coming Premiership season." – Francis Fowles

"I think that this is an excellent idea for a web site. On numerous occasions my mates and I have despaired at trying to find a pub showing a particular football match on a large screen." – Geoff Mills

"One of my colleagues was telling me about your ace website -where the best places are to watch the footy... word is spreading!" – David Lawrence

"Cheers guys for a great site." – Claire Abbot

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